Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to the Keir Blog

This is the Keir blog as you have likely already figured out. Before I get started with the first official post, let me explain to you a few things about this blog and what its purpose is.

First, my name is Becca and I am the assistant director for the camp season of 2011 and I will regularly be updating throughout the summer. From time to time, you may hear from other staff members as well. They may have a story to share and it will be nice to hear from someone else than me every now and then. Second, the blog has been approved by the Camp Keir committee which is made up of men and women from across PEI who are members of the Presbyterian church. Third, this blog will be a place for parents, campers, and friends to come to throughout the summer to check in on what is happening at camp. Each week there will be three posts. The first one will be at the very beginning (likely after the first day), the second will be mid-week, and the last will be at the very end. You will see pictures, videos, and hear stories about what we do during the week. Campers can check out what is going on and what to expect while parents can see what their children are doing and rest assured as they are in great hands!

I hope that this blog will also be encouraging to you as you read about the way that God is moving in the lives of children and youth at Keir. Campers and staff of Keir really become like a family through the week and I know that you will be as excited as we get when a camper makes a commitment or re-dedicates their life to Christ. Camp is awesome. Pure awesome. The love that surrounds this place is unbelievable. We have so much fun together and really embrace every single day. We want to see campers leaving with a smile on their face and great memories of their time at camp.

Please be praying for the Keir ministry and what we stand for. We want to see lives changed for Christ! Follow the blog for more updates, leave comments, and pass on the blog to people you know!


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