Monday, June 20, 2011

One week until training!

Camp is getting closer every day and the staff and campers are getting more and more excited. Camp is always the highlight of a child's summer and they look forward to it for months. I can remember as a kid that I would have my registration into camp by February to ensure that I got a place.. there was no way I would end up on that dreaded "waiting list". I usually had my packing list done up two weeks in advance and my bags packed a week ahead. It was the highlight of my summer.

Not much has changed since then. I still get eager for camp in February and start making lists weeks in advance. The lists are a little different now, my packing list usually includes more things like costumes, devo books. And leaves out things like Cow (my childhood stuffed cow, I know.. original eh). And my "to do" list includes several dozen more items than it did when I was 12.  But I love it.

When you become a staff member, you get excited about different things too. I get so excited to see the new faces at camp and to hear about their lives and show them God's love over and over again in our conversations, in chapel, at meals, and yes, even during our very competitive dodgeball games. I also get really excited to see returning campers! I love hearing what went on in their year away from camp and seeing how they have grown. It is so encouraging to hear that they are still trying to live every day for Christ!

As staff members we also get really excited now about training week. That is the week where we plan and prepare ourselves for the upcoming eight weeks. We bond and learn to trust each other and work together as a team. Every training week, we make sure that staff are well prepared for the summer. We all go through a first aid training course, seminars on working with different age groups and how to deal with tough situations and hard questions. This is the week where we become friends and therefore, are able to work well as a team in the summer for the benefit of the camp.

Keep getting pumped! Keep getting prepared! Camp is almost here!

Here are some shots from 2010's training week:

Candace making a poster to decorate the chapel and dining hall

Emily pleased to have her picture taken.

Lindsay and Shawn working together

Andrew planning our staff devotional time

Corbin working hard too

We sometimes have to share spaces.

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