Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let the Games Begin

Camp has officially begun! How do I know? The sound of kids singing loudly in chapel and shaking the floors as they jump with joy for the Lord! It is such an amazing thing to see group of thirty boys and girls praising God together. Last night the 9-11 year-olds finished their first full day at camp with a rocking chapel session! The familiar Keir classics came out once again - Mercy is Falling, Milk, and Pharaoh.

Some campers arrived on Sunday afternoon with hesitation about camp. They seemed a little quiet and not sure what they would think of camp. As the evening went on, they opened up to camp. As they did their passport pictures for our Around the World theme and as we ran around the backyard playing games, the hesitation slowly disappeared and they were all full of smiles.

Yesterday was a day full of fun themed games. The staff always enjoy this, we get to play make believe! How often does a 22 year-old get to dress up in a pink dress and pretend to be a Chinese queen? The day was spent in China and we did "Sumo Wrestling" with the kids and helped Mrs. Chang get back her family's heirloom teacup from the evil Mr. Zing. The kids really got into it and you could see that they were loving it. We finished off the day with a Chinese supper in the dining hall. As always, the chicken balls and egg rolls were a big hit. What child doesn't like chicken balls?

Camp is such a joyful place. It is so exciting to have counsellors coming back from Bedrocks beaming because their campers are asking how to become Christians! What a joyful and amazing job we have here at camp. Please be praying for our campers who are considering making a commitment. Also, that we would continue to have fun with the Around the World theme, and that the staff would continue relying on God for strength, patience, and energy!

Love and prayers from Camp Keir!!


  1. Becca

    Shouldn't you be sleeping rather than blogging lol. I'm glad you're having a great week.


  2. Ahhhhhh.....5 hours off lol.....you did the blog at 11:15 adt rather than 4:17 am.....at least I hope.

  3. Hi Dad :) Yeah, I don't know why it does that haha. I'll get you to fix it when I come home tomorrow. Love ya!