Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is camp without a prank or two?

First before I begin this post, I must apologize for the semi-lateness of this post but it's been because we are having so much fun with these campers and it's hard to find the time to update the blog.

Today is Thursday so in order to give a sufficient update, we need to go back to the first few days of the week. The theme of this week is Keir: An Epic; every day there is a big game that is adventure-themed such as Army, Circus, and Water adventure days. On Monday we played Commander and then for the night game, the power went out and we sent the campers running around the camp trying to find a light source for the camp. We are quickly discovering how competitive these campers are and they come into each game with high energy and lots of intensity. Junior teens love to win!

Something else that we love to do with the junior teens is to just hang out with them and they love to talk with us believe it or not. Some of my best conversations with campers in this age group have happened outside of Bedrocks, bible study, and chapel - it has been when we are just chilling after a meal or hanging out at tuck time.

Now you need an update on the adventurous day that we had yesterday here at Camp Keir and I do believe that at some point there will be a video upload of yesterday's events. The day started off innocent and fun, it really did. The campers were skimboarding and playing water games despite the cloudy skies, counsellors were doing various tasks such as playing with the campers or preparing the afternoon game, and Lindsay was hard at work making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. A lovely typical day until a decision was made. Candace and Katie decided our weekly girl/guy night would work well for that night and so the plans began. The girls decided upon a Bake-a-Thon and then a girls' devotion and worship time. Nice, innocent, and fun.

The boys on the other hand, had much different plans in mind. Half way through the baking process of the tea biscuits that our ladies had made, the power went out. When the power went out, that is when everything unfolded. Watch and see. Be patient - the end is worth waiting for.

:) Oh the joys of pranking.

Keep praying for us! Be praying for patience and energy for the counsellors. Be praying for the campers to have fun and to keep learning about God.

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  1. Cant wait intill its time for me to go to camp keir XD