Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Joyful Craziness

The first week of camp has come and gone. Campers left on Sunday with smiles on their faces, gooey crafts in hand, and lots of great memories. Here are some of the week highlights.

We love campfires at camp and they are always filled with laughter, warmth, and a cloud of bug spray over the campers. Some of the campers' favourites include Wig-A-Low, the Banana Song, and the Boogie Woogie Washer Woman. You never know what kind of dance moves you'll see at a Keir fire. One of my personal favourites was when one of the camper's dance moves was rolling around in the grass. It was priceless. Gone are the days of the easy campfire dance moves of "the John Travolta" or "the Egyptian Princess"; now we have moves such as "the log roll", "the worm", and "the crazy bear". Campfire is never boring and never without a good laugh.

Some highlights of the week also came out of the spontaneity of the staff. Some of these kinds of activities go the best among the campers because they aren't expecting it especially when we have campers who have been coming to camp for several years. I know that when I was a camper, I loved it when we did games that were new and unexpected. At one point this week, a tug of war rope appeared out of nowhere and a big tug of war ensued. It seemed to mostly be our director (Andrew) and one of our seniors (David) against the campers - and, of course, the campers won. There is clearly strength in numbers.

Every camp has a few different traditions whether it has to do with a "Yellow Cup", an "Arrowhead", or our "Thursday Movie Night". But I think that almost every camp has the necessary Spaghetti night where the campers pull a kitchen utensil out of a shopping bag. They may get a whisk or a measuring cup and have to eat their whole meal with the utensil. One lucky person gets the sought after fork and for one meal they are the most civilized person in the dining hall but as for everyone else, all North American manners are thrown out the window and faces get covered in spaghetti sauce. Where can a kid eat a plate of spaghetti with their faces and have noodles in their hair? Camp Keir!

Oh! And it was the birthday of one of our senior girls: Katie! Happy 19th Birthday Katie!

Here are some shots from the final themed meal at camp. It was a luau in the dining hall, complete with a limbo, a surfboard making competition, and hula dancing. 

It was an amazing week at camp in so many ways but a few of the most exciting things were seeing campers come to Christ on the last night of camp. There were happy tears and hugs for the campers who had made this huge commitment and we ask that you would pray for the campers who are making these decisions or still on their way to this decision. The last night of camp is always a fun one at Camp Keir. We put on the weekly talent show in the chapel and the audience is amazed as they watch the special array of acts. This week one of the most unique acts was a robot dancing act by a group of boys. Some of the other acts included a beautiful song by one of the girls, a magic trick, a wonderful comedy act, some great jokes, and a live makeover. To finish off the talent show Angela (senior girl) was prompted to perform Sanctuary for the camp. However, without any warning, the entire camp jumped from their seats and laid on the floor around her to see her play the song.

Thursday movie night came and went and before anyone knew it, the last day of camp arrived. It was such a great week of camp filled with excitement and awesome memories. Enjoy these last few pictures of Week 1: 9-11 year-olds.

Keep praying!

I know this croc may not make sense to you. But certain staff members really wanted to see him on the blog. So Andrew and Corbin, here he is. (they also threatened me with glue).

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