Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Small but Mighty

Last week was our first senior teen camp with the 15-17 year-olds and we had one of the smallest number of campers we have ever had. Seven. Yes I said seven. We filled one room with six girls and one boys room. At first the staff was very hesitant about this week and how everything would work, there had even been brief discussion about the possibility of there being no week 3. However, we realized that a small week had the potential to be awesome... and it was! It was a week filled with closeness and LOTS of laughter. Our senior counsellor, Amos, will tell you about the week and all the great things we did and how much fun we had with these guys.

Last Week's Post by Amos:

As the campers arrived on Sunday we quickly ditched the idea of  name games and ice breakers and headed for the beach. It was a beautiful afternoon for the beach and we were all greeted with a majestic sailboat sailing out past Canoe Cove. I could tell just at the start that this camp would be one simple and restful week.

Boy was I wrong.

Monday rolled around like any other camp but when we were all called to the chapel later that day and told that we were all competing in the Big Brother competition all sense of rest went out the window. Since the counsellor's pretty much matched the campers, the teams were made with one counsellor and one camper, leaving one team with an extra camper; we all headed to our first challenge. The challenge consisted of running/walking and average of 6 km in total to collect little strips of cloth and water. When we had enough water and cloth to fill and lift our bucket over a wall you would be safe from the night's elimination. Also right after we had a strength test where the counsellors would crouch on a board and they had to have the tip of their finger touching a pylon, while campers showered them with water. The winner of this challenge won a veto power where they could either save themselves or another team from elimination. This went on all week. The competition rose, it was up for anyone, all we knew for certain was one team would stand above the rest holding the Camp Keir Cup.

The final Challenge came around with two big teams left standing, with a giant obstacle course and the finish line in sight, the teams lined up. We had thought about canceling  the event due to the rain, but this wasn't girl guide camp. This was Camp Keir!

But that wasn't everything that happened at Camp that week. Chapels were more like a bible study, where Andrew would have a topic and then we would all discus it. He kept a theme throughout the whole week based on relationships with Christ and with the people around us.

Tuesday we also took them on a Canoe trip and we couldn't have had a better day for it. With such a small group we did the route and set up the tents in record time. We were even faster than Andrew in the car bringing our bags over. The rest of the day consisted of rest and just bonding as friends. Later after supper God gave us a little show of his awesome power with a very short thunderstorm. We all got wet but nobody minded because of what came next.

A Rainbow!

God had been showing us his power all week after that with a couple more thunder storms. After our final crazy-intense Big Brother challenge on Thursday night we went down to the beach for a swim with the waves, rain and wind. It was surprisingly warm. Later that night we just had finished up our devotion for that night and the power went out on us. But we made the best of it! The girls held their final Bedrock together curled up with candles in the chapel while the boys hung out in the staff hallway with our only boy.. he was very privileged that night.

Overall it was such an amazing week! Keep praying for us and checking out the blog and our facebook page where you can see more pictures from the weeks!

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