Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mario vs. Luigi

We have been very lucky to have two people from our childhood at camp this week. Very few camps around PEI - no Canada - are graced with the presence of Mario and Luigi in full human size. Oh, and Princess Peach. This is not a joke. Yesterday our second group of 9-11 year-olds arrived at camp ready and excited to see what Keir had for them. We took them to their rooms, introduced them to new friends, and played some fun games in the yard with them.

Then we had our usual Sunday night pizza meal and the campers were fueled for the rest of the evening and they really needed it. As one of the counsellors finished welcoming the campers, in came a beautiful princess in a frilly pink dress. She informed us that all weekend Mario and Luigi had been vying for her attention and were in a race to the lodge to see who would win her once and for all. 

A finish line was put in place and Mario and Luigi came running down the hall towards Princess Peach. At the same moment, they dove across the finish line. Now for the rest of the week, the campers are divided onto a Mario team and a Luigi team. The campers are helping them in the challenges to win the affections of Princess Peach.

As of right now, Luigi's team is ahead by two coins! On Monday both teams competed in the Koopa level where they found themselves diving wet flying sponges as they tried to get their items to the end of the splash pad without getting wet. In the end, Luigi's team won the Koopa level.

Yesterday was a packed day of Mario and thunderstorms! The teams competed in the star and mushroom levels and it was one of the closest challenges we have seen in a long time. Mario's team won the mushroom level while Luigi's team won the star level and in the end there was only a six minute difference between the two teams. Overall though, Luigi came through as the winning team with the best combined time. However, Mario's team deserves big recognition for never giving up or losing heart the whole afternoon.

What have we been up to with these campers and their Bible study? Well, this week, Superdarcy has shown up again to help the campers understand that God is much more powerful than any superpower she can ever find. Today we saw Joshua march around the walls of Jericho because that was the command that God gave him in order to win the city. Joshua was obedient and trusted in God's power; therefore, he was able to take the city! Darcy tried to break into the city with her own strength but struggled and was again unsuccessful. The campers are really learning about the power of God and how to trust him with every part of their lives.

Stay tuned for another update soon with some pictures and video! Keep praying for us here at Camp Keir. Pray for God's will to be done, that the staff will keep up their energy and enthusiasm, and that the campers this week will leave with great memories!

Keep following the blog! :) Take care!

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