Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coming on the End

I have no idea where this summer has gone. We can hardly believe that we are already into Tuesday of our last week of camp for 2011. It has been an incredible summer filled with many blessings and once again we are amazed at how powerfully we see God at work in the lives of youth. There are some days where you can't stop smiling as you continue getting to know campers and hearing about God in their lives. Of course we have our rough days but knowing that God is in control surpasses all the rough times.

Last week we had such a fun group of campers. The 12-14 year-olds were here and we continually felt overwhelmed (in a good way) by the maturity and closeness of the campers. It was one of those weeks where you remember how much of a family we become here at camp. Keir is nothing like any other camp. Last week and this week we have had mostly returning campers and things like name games are pointless because all of the campers come back knowing each other. And I don't mean that they only recognize each other or sort of remember that girl that stayed in the bunk below, but they know each person's name. We have 25 campers this week, and only one camper is new but he has been quickly welcomed into the Keir family.

Man, God is faithful and so good! Last week we had a girls/guys night and we felt so encouraged. I can only speak for the girls but from what I heard, the boys night went great too. With the girls we played some teambuilding games where they really had to fully trust each other, there was a lot of cheering and smiles; there was no denying that God was so present and active in the hearts of those ladies. By the time Friday came, we were ready for a second week with the campers, guys and girls!

That's all for now! Chapel time!

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