Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Brand New Summer

Good morning world! As you all know, school is almost completely finished which means that summer is here (technically, tomorrow in fact). And you know what summer means?!! Camp!

Our staff is hired. We've already had our big clean up day, the Charlottetown walk-about, and our 65th birthday out at the camp. Trust me, we are all very excited to get out to the camp for the 9 weeks we will live at the camp taking care of some of the Island's best kids and teens! This is the week prior to training week which is the planning week for the director staff.

Dan Docksteader- Director
Becca Judson- Assistant Director
Corbin Birch- Worship Director (and senior counsellor)

Today, the three of us are meeting up to go over some of our plans for training week. We will prepare a few workshops that gets all the staff ready for the summer! What kind of workshops? Well, we will be learning how to plan and give effective Bible studies, devos, and bedrocks. The staff will also learn some age-old tips and tricks for special camp scenarios; they will know how to best handle a homesick camper, a camper who is feeling lonely, any bullying issues, etc.

We will be doing so much more during training week! We will also be introducing some new ideas to our staff, planning our big theme days, having staff bonding time and more. We are very excited for it! Keep your eyes peeled for another post in the next week or so :) I will be revealing the BIG THEME DAYS before the weekend!

If you are a parent and have any questions or concerns, you can find our contact information on the camp's website:

Or you can contact us on our Facebook page:

Or if you would like to speak with someone in person, you can call our program committee head at 902-962-3348, the camp (902-675-3734), or message one of the directors who would gladly answer your questions. OR (the last one I promise), you can leave a comment below after you have finished reading this post. Trust me, we are reachable!

Don't forget to register ASAP!! We like having the summer's camper lists as soon as we can.

Take care! Can't wait to see you at camp this summer!

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  1. I'm so excited to read about all of your camp adventures. It keeps me feeling in the loop.

    love you guys <3