Monday, July 25, 2011

Wanted: Shiny Stuff at Camp Keir

Camp Keir was invaded this week by a pack of Snorglies after all the silverware. It has been a difficult week for campers and counsellors alike as we go through challenges to try and get the forks and spoons back.

Okay, I should probably explain what this is all about first before I go any further. This week we have the 6-8 year old campers and our theme is "Supercampers". This age group loves to play pretend and so we are having lots of fun with them as we protect the camp from the Snorglies who are thumbless creatures (aka: counsellors) trying to get the silverware for themselves because they like shiny stuff. The campers are getting so into it -  one girl even wrote a letter to the Snorglies.

When we got this letter, we thought it was so adorable and she continues to say the cutest things:

Angela (during evening chapel): Who knows what God made on the 7th day?
Camper: Love!
Angela: ... Close..

Here is the letter she wrote to the Snorglies:

"Snorglies, could you please stop trying to steal our silverware? I know you like it, but we can't eat without it. Also, why do you like shiny stuff so much? P.S. Please don't take my two shiny silver teeth and my shiny diamond sandels!

I forgot how much these campers can get to our hearts too. One counsellor was talking about it last night as she came into staff meeting. She said that as she went into one of the rooms to tuck one girl in, she couldn't help but re-tuck all of them in. We love these campers. We love getting to be silly and acting even more like kids than we already are.

So what else have we been up to this week? Today was a beautiful day and so we went to the beach with the campers after lunch. It was a perfect beach day. The water was warm and was coming up knee deep around the raft; naturally, the campers loved climbing up onto the raft to rock it back and forth. They jumped in and out of the water repeatedly, splashing the counsellors and each other. While these campers were out in the water, the others were up closer to the beach finding hermit crabs and building gigantic sandcastles for the hermit crabs to live in. Somehow some were also able to construct a hot tub with sand walls - that is how warm the water was.

Because it is superhero week, the Bible study is revolving around depending on God for strength just like many of the Bible's heroes did. This morning our heroine, SuperDarcy, challenged Goliath out in the backyard to a fight. With all of the power she could muster up in her 5 foot 1 self, she tried to defeat him on her own. She was very unsuccessful. However, David depended on God for strength and took Goliath down with one pebble. The campers loved this as they got into the entire Bible study skit outside. Who knows what will happen tomorrow with Darcy? Hopefully she will clue in that God can be strong for her.

What else is coming up this week? This is our mini week so we only have one full day left, but we plan on doing lots with them tomorrow: Spaghetti dinner, talent show, movie night, and hopefully defeating the Snorglies. I know that the campers desperately want to keep the utensils for the camp.

Keep praying for us! Keep reading and sharing the blog. Hopefully tomorrow we will have some pictures and videos for you to enjoy. It makes us smile to see that people are interested in what is going on at Camp Keir. We love this camp and ask that you continue to pray for us.

(I know that there hasn't been a post on the end of last week yet with the 15-17 year-olds but it is coming. There were a lot of pictures to sift through!)

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